Concert CDs

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  • Christmas Tidings

    This album sets out a feast of musical creativity, based on a multitude of familiar Christmas melodies and carols, from some of the most gifted composers and arrangers for brass band.
  • Origins

    Concert CDs
    A double CD which brings together one major work from each of twelve Salvationist composers who have also written brass band test-pieces.
  • Jubilee

    Concert CDs
    Produced for the 2004 tour of North America, this is the first ISB recording to feature Kevin Ashman as Principal Cornet. The title track is Paul Drury’s hugely popular ‘retro’ march.
  • The Kingdom Triumphant

    Concert CDs
    Offering a range of music to suit a variety of tastes, the title track is Eric Ball’s timeless masterpiece, while there are two tracks from one of The Salvation Army’s younger creative talents, Martin Cordner.
  • Glory! Glory!

    Concert CDs
    An eclectic programme of music the centrepiece of which is twelve minutes of musical genius in the form of Eric Ball’s ‘Exodus’. The usual soloists are joined by Simon Birkett (baritone).
  • Renaissance

    Concert CDs
    Released: 2000 Compositions by Andrew Mackereth take their place alongside works by prolific composers such as Eric Ball, Kenneth Downie and Peter Graham. This was the first appearance on an ISB recording for no less than seven members.