Glory! Glory!

An eclectic programme of music the centrepiece of which is twelve minutes of musical genius in the form of Eric Ball’s ‘Exodus’. The usual soloists are joined by Simon Birkett (baritone).

Track Title Composer / Arranger
1 The Proclaimers Kevin Norbury
2 My Story & Song Ray Steadman-Allen
3 Exultate Kenneth Downie
4 The Great Adventure
Euphonium Soloist: Derick Kane
Norman Bearcroft
5 Exodus Eric Ball
6 Just Like Him Terry Camsey
7 Praise's Power David Ayma
8 Truth Aflame Kevin Norbury
9 My Refuge Bruce Broughton
10 Standing Somewhere in the Shadows Kenneth Downie
11 Glory! Glory! Wilfred Heaton