The Kingdom Triumphant

Offering a range of music to suit a variety of tastes, the title track is Eric Ball’s timeless masterpiece, while there are two tracks from one of The Salvation Army’s younger creative talents, Martin Cordner.

Track Title Composer / Arranger
1 Fanfare and Flourishes Martin Cordner
2 Crossbearers Martin Cordner
3 High Fidelity
Cornet Soloist: Kevin Ashman
Norman Bearcroft
4 Jesus Answers Prayer Kenneth Downie
5 The Essence of Time Peter Graham
6 The Lamb
Trombone Soloist: Andrew Justice
Michael Kenyon arr. Dorothy Gates
7 Hallelujah Parade Kevin Norbury
8 The Kingdom Triumphant Eric Ball
9 Bravura [A Fantasy on British Folk Songs]
Euphonium Soloist: Derick Kane
Peter Graham
10 The Last Amen Peter Graham