ISB News

Ayr Community Church Weekend

Early Saturday morning flights from various parts of the UK got the ISB together ready for an afternoon outdoors concert. There was much interest and a lot of people standing around in the local shopping centre. However, we were reminded that the outdoor Scottish temperature, and rain, isn't the best preparation for a concert performance. The ISB was however, undeterred, and marched back to the Army hall.

2015 Recordings

The ISB have just completed three recording projects: Music of the 90’s (including ‘new’ recordings of ‘Shine as the light’, ‘Celestial Prospect, and ‘Isaiah 40’).

Regent Hall Weekend

The ISB at the 'Rink' was for many years an iconic occasion, so it was good to be back for a weekend in February. Some of the old elements were back, the Saturday concert, many ISB family members present, marching out into Oxford Street. As always a lot of new music was featured over the weekend and Regent Hall sections supported in an excellent way.