Day 1 - Brisbane City Temple Corps

Day 1 - Brisbane City Temple Corps

The first official day of the ISB Australian tour, commenced with the bands arrival at Brisbane International Airport. Following the reclaiming of luggage and ensuring all instruments had remained intact from the long haul (I believe the only casualty was a baritone), it was a real lift to be greeted by several members of the Brisbane City Temple Corps including Corps officer Major Dean Clarke and Bandmaster Barrie Gott.

After loading the coach and a few words of welcome in which we found out it had been around 48 years since the band had visited Brisbane, we made our way to our hotel base just a short walk from the Brisbane City Temple Corps. A buffet breakfast was greatly received by all members of the band before we all freshened up after the long journey and prepared for the day's activities.

On our arrival at the corps building , you could sense how delighted the corps was to be hosting the band. Many conversations were started over lunch before the band prepared for a short outdoor concert.
This was held at a purpose built bandstand within The Queen Street Mall where an audience of about 300 people listened to a programme of some of the bands lighter repertoire including Temple 125 featuring the corps timbrels , as well as Amazed by our own Paul Sharman.

On return to the corps, there was further opportunity for fellowship with the corps band members before the evening meeting took the form of Divisional Musicians Councils. The band featured pieces from our current repertoire as well as the title track of our tour CD The Adventures. After a short bible message from Major Mark Herbert were we started our sound bite journey through Marks gospel the band finished the evening by playing Eric Balls classic The Kingdom Triumphant.

At the conclusion of the evening the Band left the platform to go and chat with the congregation and pass out the new ISB pin badges followed by supper which is becoming an important feature of the tour already! All that was left was for the band to do was make their way back to the hotel for an early night, knowing we had had a great first day on tour and hoping that there would be more of the same in the coming days.

Written by Staff Bandsman Nick Brill