The Peter Graham Collection

Whether as arranger (“Cry of the extraordinary arrangement, exuberant, extrovert” The Times) or composer (“Harrison’s Dream is an absolute knockout” American Record Guide), Peter Graham’s work has been celebrated by performers and audiences alike. It is his music for British-style brass band that has established his international reputation. He has written for all levels of brass band, from educational concert music to the most demanding test-piece and is in the unique position of having had his music performed at every major brass band competition worldwide.

The double album allows the listener a fine overview of his output particularly, but not exclusively, within the time period 1996 Shine as the Light) to 2009 (The Torchbearer). Within that time, Peter Graham has risen to the top ranks of brass and wind band composers.

Track Title Composer / Arranger
  Disc 1 - Black Dyke Band  
1-3 Montage Peter Graham
4 Harrison's Dream Peter Graham
5-7 In League with Extraordinary Gentlemen
Euphonium Soloist: David Thornton
Peter Graham
8 The Torchbearer Peter Graham
  Disc 2 - The International Staff Band  
1 The Ambassadors Peter Graham
2 Ad Optimum Peter Graham
3 St. Teresa Peter Graham
4 The Last Amen Peter Graham
5 Blazon Peter Graham
6 Shine as the Light Peter Graham
7 The Dawning Peter Graham
8 Seize the Day Peter Graham