Major Paul Kingscott

Major Paul Kingscott

Executive Officer

Paul grew up in a Salvation Army family in the beautiful city of Bath and entered the International Training College in 1981.  He is married to Chris who he met in the training college and they have three married children, Gavin, Clare and Jo.

They were commissioned in 1983 and have served in Corps, Social Services, Divisional and Territorial Headquarters.  Following three and a half years as Divisional Leaders of the Ireland Division, Paul now serves as the Assistant Chief Secretary at THQ.

Music has played an important part in Paul’s life and ministry, both as the Young Peoples Bandleader at Bath Citadel prior to training and as Bandmaster at Hillingdon for 11 years prior to moving to Ireland.  He is convinced that God speaks through music and that it is a medium to attract people, to challenge them and to bring them nearer to God as evidenced through the continuing ministry of the International Staff Band.

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