Legacy - anything handed down from the past as from an ancestor or predecessor.

Throughout its 120 year existence, The ISB has been at the forefront of Salvation Army music; preparing new compositions for approval and publication, participating in state occasions, congresses and other national and international events.

Fortunately, the band, as we know, has been a frequent visitor to the recording studio and through the medium of recorded sound, we can explore the music, appreciate the personalities and reflect on the message they have endeavoured to deliver.

Legacy features a selection of recordings conducted by seven of the eight ISB Bandmasters (no recordings were made during the tenure of William Stewart) and takes the listener on a journey through the development of the recording industry as well as exploring the musical legacy of the band.

Track Title Composer / Arranger
1 Comrades, Arouse to the Call /
Onward Christian Soldiers
Conducted by George Mitchell
Munday / Sullivan arr. Richard Slater
2 Great and Glorious
Conducted by George Fuller
George Marshall
3 Star Lake
Conducted by Eric Ball
Eric Ball
4 The Pilgrim's Prayer
Conducted by Eric Ball
Sidney Rouse arr. Eric Ball
5 The Holy War
Conducted by Bernard Adams
Ray Steadman-Allen
6 The Prodigal
Conducted by Ray Bowes
Ray Bowes
7 Corpus Christi
Conducted by Robert Redhead
Robert Redhead
8 Odyssey
Conducted by Stephen Cobb
Kevin Norbury