ISB 120 - The Story

This book takes a 'behind-the-scenes' look at that mission-led occasion when all eight Salvation Army staff bands of the world joined together to celebrate the 120th anniversary of The International Staff Band. The book reflects how the whole of The Salvation Army world became engaged and energised into creating a sense of community, goodwill and optimism by this ground-breaking event.

With a foreword by General Linda Bond, an introduction by International Staff Bandmaster Stephen Cobb and a multitude of photographs to remind us of the unique occasion, the book contains input from a broad variety of people who witnessed the occasion.

As well as contrubitions from a chosen member of each staff band, it includes relevent insight from Commissioner Betty Matear (UK and Ireland Territorial leadership), Dr Ronald Holz (overseas guest),Andrew Woodhouse (former International Staff Bandsman),Dudley Bright (composer), Sue Blyth (music leader at Westminster Central Hall), Philip Biggs (Cadogan Hall and Royal Albert Hall audience member), Major Paul Johnson (a view from The Mall) and Lance Corporal Glen Little (a Salvationist and a musician in the Band of the Scots Guards, on duty in the Buckingham Palace).