The International Staff Band

Compilation of music previously released on LP

CD no longer available

Track Title Composer / Arranger
1 Marching Onward Ivor Bosanko
2 O How I Love Jesus James Curnow
3 We'll all Shout Hallelujah
Euphonium Soloist; Derick Kane
Norman Audoire
4 St. Bees Lloyd Scott
5 Harlesden Ray Bowes
6 The Great Salvation War James Curnow
7 Prayer of Childhood
Cornet Soloist: Stephen Cobb
Leslie Condon
8 Easter Hymn Brian Bowen
9 Torchbearers Eric Ball
10 My Heart's Desire Ray Bowes
11 Milestone William Himes
12 A Song to Sing
Cornet Soloist: David Daws
Ray Bowes
13 St. Francis William Himes
14 Sing Hosanna Erik Silfverberg
15 Exeter Temple Leslie Condon
16 Consecration Hymn William H. Jude, Arr. Ray Steadman-Allen
17 Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral Richard Wagner, Trans. William Himes