Heritage Series Volume 7 - 1990s

Disc 1 consists of new recordings while Disc 2 is compiled from previous recordings by The International Staff Band.

Track Title Composer / Arranger
  Disc 1  
1. Excelsior Dudley Bright
2. Majesty Kenneth Downie
3. Isaiah 40 Robert Redhead
4. Celestial Prospect Wilfred Heaton
5. Spirit of the Army Norman Bearcroft
6. Variations on 'Maccabeus' Kevin Norbury
7. I Know Thou Art Mine Leonard Ballantine
8. Shine as the Light Peter Graham
  Disc 2  
1. A Fanfare of Praise Robert Redhead
2. Rolling Along William Himes
3. Lord of all Hopefulness Kenneth Downie
4. A Pastoral Symphony Robert Redhead
5. Trumpet Call
Soloist: David Daws
Kenneth Downie
6. 'Mid all the Traffic
Traditional arr. Leonard Ballantine
7. Gaudete! Kevin Norbury
8. Spirit of Life
Soloist: Derick Kane
David Catherwood
9. Shine Down Smiley, Gersmehl & Farrell arr. Andrew Blyth
10. Blazon Peter Graham
11. In Conversation William Himes OF and Stephen Cobb