Heritage Series Volume 6 - 1980s

This selection, chosen for this sixth volume in The International Staff Band's Heritage Series, are largely representative of the larger-scale concert works of the decade while a great deal of fine music serving more domestic needs, particularly for worship, was also being written.

Disc 1 consists of new recordings while Disc 2 is compiled from previous recordings by The International Staff Band.

Track Title Composer / Arranger
  Disc 1  
1 Motivation William Himes
2 Festivity Leslie Condon
3 Breathe on me, Breath of God James Curnow
  To the Chief Musician Wiliam Himes
4 I. Introit  
5 II. Sacrifice  
6 III. Worship  
7 Goldcrest James Anderson
8 Colne Thomas Rive
9 Princethorpe Variations Kenneth Downie
10 Come Home David Catherwood
11 Salvation's SongJoys William Gordon
12 Reflections in Nature Robert Redhead
13 Covenant Bruce Broughton
14 Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral Richard Wagner arr. William Himes
  Disc 2  
1 The Ambassadors Peter Graham
2 Romans 8 Ray Steadman-Allen
3 The Great Salvation War James Curnow
4 So Glad! William Himes
5 At the Edge of Time Ray Steadman-Allen
6 Share My Yoke Joy Webb arr. Ivor Bosanko
7 Light-Walk Barrie Gott
8 Hold Thou My Hand Michael Kenyon
9 The Dawning Peter Graham
10 In Conversation Ray Steadman-Allen and Stephen Cobb