Heritage Series Volume 4 - 1960s

The fourth in a series of annual releases which is designed to preserve works which deserve survival well beyond their heritage interest.

To select representative works for this Double CD was no easy assignment. Indeed, the problem of choice was what to leave out and it would not be difficult to produce further and deserving track lists!

Disc 1 consists of new recordings, three large-scale works being balanced by a series of smaller items which could well have been heard at many a local centre during a Sunday's worship and praise gatherings.

Disc 2 is compiled from previous recordings by The International Staff Band, conducted by Stephen Cobb.

Track Title Composer / Arranger
  Disc 1  
1 California Emil Söderström
2 Redeeming Love Thomas Rive
3 Wonders Begin When the Lord Comes In Ray Steadman-Allen
4 In Wonder Beholding Leslie Condon
5 The Present Age Leslie Condon
6 The Invincible Army Erik Leidzén
7 The Beautiful City Erik Silfverberg
8 My Comfort and Strength Brian Bowan
9 Never Give Up! Eric Ball
10 How Sweet The Name (French) Donald Osgood
11 For Our Transgressions Morley Calvert
11 The Holy War Ray Steadman-Allen
  Disc 2  
1 Celebration
(from Daystar, 2008)
Leslie Condon
  Canadian Folk Song Suite
(from Origins, 2005)
Morley Calvert
2 I.  
3 II.  
4 III.  
5 Song of Courage
(from Renaissance, 2000)
Eric Ball
6 My Master's Will
(from The Heaton Collection, 2002)
Wilfred Heaton
7 Songs in Exile
(from Supremacy, 2007)
Eric Ball
8 My Strength, My Tower
(from Origins, 2005)
Dean Goffin
9 None Other Name
(from Origins, 2005)
Erik Leidzén
10 The Call of the Righteous
(from Daystar, 2008)
Leslie Condon
11 In conversation Ray Steadman-Allen and Stephen Cobb