Heritage Series Volume 3 - 1950s

The third in a series of annual releases which is designed to preserve works which deserve survival well beyond their heritage interest.

Track Title Composer / Arranger
1 Motondo Donald Osgood
2 My Heart's Desire Ray Bowes
3 Heroes of the Faith Charles Skinner
4 The Eternal Quest
Soloist: Andrew Justice
Ray Steadman-Allen
5 The Light of the World Dean Goffin
  Lord of the Sea Ray Steadman-Allen
6 I. Water's Edge  
7 II. Seascapes  
8 III. Seafarer's Song  
9 To Regions Fair Norman Bearcroft
10 For Our Transgressions Morley Calvert
11 Symphony of Thanksgiving Dean Goffin
12 Wondrous Day
Soloist: Roland Cobb
(re-mastered from 1957 recording)
Erik Leizdén
13 In conversation Ray Steadman-Allen and Stephen Cobb