Heritage Series Volume 2 - 1940s

The second in a series of annual releases which is designed to preserve works which deserve survival well beyond their heritage interest.

Track Title Composer / Arranger
1 Praise Wilfred Heaton
2 A Pilgrim Prayer Tchaikovsky, arr. Ray Steadman-Allen
3 Wells of Gladness Ray Steadman-Allen
4 Ransomed
Soloist: Derick Kane
George Marshall
  Portraits from St Paul's Epistles Bramwell Coles
5 I. The Happy Man  
6 II. The Supplicant  
7 III. The Man of Valour  
8 IV. The Triumphant Man  
9 Hadleigh Camp Ray Steaman-Allen
10 Divine Communion Arthur Gullidge
11 Star Lake Eric Ball
12 Jubilate!
Soloist: Kevin Ashman
Arthur Gullidge
13 Just As I Am Wilfred Heaton
  The Crusade of Youth Philip Catelinet
14 I. The Torchbearer  
15 II. The Witness  
16 III. The Reverie  
17 IV. The Challenge  
18 Minneapolis IV Emil Söderström
19 In conversation Ray Steadman-Allen and Stephen Cobb