Heritage Series Volume 1 - 1930s

The first in a series of annual releases which is designed to preserve works which deserve survival well beyond their heritage interest

Track Title Composer / Arranger
1 Southern Australia Arthur Gullidge
2 Sound Out the Proclamation Eric Ball
3 The Cleansing Stream
Soloists: Gary Fountain & Kevin Ashman
Erik Leidzén
4 The Old Wells Eric Ball
5 Praise and Exultation Eric Ball
6 The Song of the Brother
Soloist: Derick Kane
Erik Leidzén
7 Bravest of the Brave Bramwell Coles
8 Great and Glorious George Marshall
9 A Never-Failing Friend
Soloist: Andrew Justice
Erik Leidzén
10 A Sunbeam Philip Catelinet
11 The Triumph of Peace Eric Ball
12 In conversation Lieut-Colonel Ray Steadman-Allen and
Bandmaster Dr. Stephen Cobb