The Heaton Collection [vol III]

A collaboration with Black Dyke Band and follow-up to the award winning double CD, The Heaton Collection Volumes 1 and 2.

Track Title Band
  Five Little Pieces  
1 i. Grave - Prestissimo Black Dyke Band
2 ii. Con Energico Black Dyke Band
3 iii. Cantabile Black Dyke Band
4 iv. Giocoso ma deliberamente Black Dyke Band
5 v. Presto Black Dyke Band
6 Trombone Concerto
Trombone Soloist: Brett Baker
Black Dyke Band
7 French International Staff Band
8 Variations on Annie Laurie
Cornet Soloist: Kevin Ashman
International Staff Band
  Beulah Land  
9 i. Better World International Staff Band
10 ii. Heavenly Home International Staff Band
11 iii. Happy Land International Staff Band