Golden Slippers

Released: 1999

David Daws displays his golden tone and flawless technique to demonstrate why he’s considered one of the finest of Salvation Army cornetists. Through the marvels of technology, David teams up with four of his Principal Cornet predecessors in Richard Phillips’ clever ‘Quincipals’.

Track Title Composer / Arranger
1 Memories John Allen
2 A Rose There Bloomed Robert Redhead
3 Love Cannot Fail Michael Babb
4 A Song to Swing Martyn Thomas
5 In the Love of Jesus Ray Steadman-Allen
6 Be Still and Know Terry Camsey
7 Joy in my Soul Erik Silfverberg
8 Healing Waters Kenneth Downie
9 Mid all the Traffic Martin Cordner
10 Golden Slippers Norman Bearcroft
11 How Can I Say Thank You? Leonard Ballantine
12 Everybody Has a Work to do Terry Camsey
13 Quincipals Richard Phillips
14 Pastorale Peter Graham
15 When I Remember David Catherwood
16 St Clements Clement C Scholefield