Epic Brass II

Featuring Black Dyke Band and The International Staff Band live at The Sage, Gateshead and including three bonus tracks

Track Title Group
1 The Call of the Righteous International Staff Band
2 Ave Maria International Staff Band
3 The Cost of Freedom International Staff Band
4 Toccata from Organ Symphony No.5 Black Dyke Band
5 Miss Blue Bonnet
Soloist: Richard Marshall
Black Dyke Band
6 Cartoon Music Black Dyke Band
7 Immortal Black Dyke Band
8 Also Sprach Zarathustra Massed Bands
9 Shine as the Light Massed Bands
10 Fantasy on Sempre Libera
Soloist: David Thornton
Massed Bands
11 Cats Tales Massed Bands
12 The Appian Way from The Pines of Rome Massed Bands
13 How Great Thou Art Massed Bands
  Bonus Tracks:
Immortal multi-media presentation
75th Anniversary Salute
Top Brass - BBC TV Omnibus 1967

Black Dyke
International Staff Band
Black Dyke Mills Band