Day 9 - Adelaide

Day 9 - Adelaide

And so, after a great couple of days in Sydney, today saw the band move on to Adelaide. At this halfway point in the tour, many within the band are coming down with various ailments...sore throats and colds seem to be spreading like Aussie wildfires.

Whilst waiting to check in at the airport, band members were discussing their tour highlights so far. Queuing at airports certainly is not one of them, and it soon became apparent that the band had a weight problem on their hands. Undoubtedly, the percussionists had brought along too many things to hit, sorry, I mean "play" and so the resourcefulness of the band was tested. Objects were shifted around in various boxes and bags until the check-in desk were satisfied that the luggage handlers were not at risk of any back injuries. The flight itself was a lot shorter than the previous one, and landed at Adelaide in the sunshine we have come to expect of this land. The band's next challenge was to adapt to the 30minute time difference between New South Wales and Southern Australia!

We were transported to the summit of Mount Lofty where we had coffee & scones whilst looking over the city of Adelaide, and then on to Government House where a reception was held for the band by the state's Governor and his wife.

The corps building at Ingle Farm provided the setting for a dinner where the band met their billets for the next couple of nights. We learned of the great work the corps does with the homeless and vulnerable within the community, and how the Army is helping to meet their needs. A fantastic example of a church with its heart to God and a hand to man.

Written by Staff Bandsman Stephen Willis