Day 4 - Port Macquarie

Day 4 - Port Macquarie

After an excellent alfresco gourmet breakfast (bacon & eggs) - individually made and delivered to our rooms and following Stephen Williams' first swim of the day in the motel pool, we hit the road again.

This would turn out to be a particularly good day for one of our members, Richard Woodrow. After just 40 mins of the journey, he realised that his uniform was still hung up in his motel room! So sheepishly he made his way to the front...of the bus to confess!

Arrangements were made for a clandestine drop off by the Ballina CO en route for subsequent pick up! Meanwhile at the next coffee stop, Richard buys washbag number three following two major malfunctions!

And so to lunch at the picturesque Coff's Harbour where fish'n'chips Aussie style was very much on the menu! Moveover Cod & Haddock, hello Barramundi, Snapper, Hake, even Croc Burgers were seen being devoured! A brief scene from Hitchcock's The Birds was re-enacted by Martyn Bryant who mistakenly held a chip aloft for a photo, only to be bombarded by seagulls!

Stephen Williams' second swim along with Callum White provided the 'slo-mo of the day' and made excellent use of his ISB travel shirt to dry off!

Meanwhile, Richard's day wasn't improving having spilt ketchup all over his shirt!

So we arrived at the impressive suite of buildings in Port Mcquarie where Steve Hanover asked the question "Has anyone seen my horn?" and Richard feeling left out asked "Has anyone seen my phone?"

Further searching discovered both hidden away on the coach, so we were ready for the evening's festival.

It was fantastic to greet Commissioners' Ian & Nancy Cutmore, looking well in retirement along with other Melbourne Staff Band luminaries Ron Prussing & Rob Beasy in attendance.

Despite a little trip en route to his solo spot, Richard's day finally improved with a terrific version of 'Soul Full', while Carl Nielsen, Andrew Mercer & Stephen Williams all played superbly in their solo spots. New music for the tour included Marcus Venables' 'Everywhere' & Paul Sharman's beautiful 'Everlasting Hope'

Sadly we learned today that Derick Kane would not be well enough to join us for the tour! We miss you Derick and everything you bring to the ISB on trips like this - get well soon buddy!

So the day is done and our first set of billets handed out!

Written by Staff Bandsman Iain Parkhouse