Day 13 - Melbourne

Day 13 - Melbourne

Following the long journeys of the previous two days, we boarded the coach in Ballarat for the relatively short journey to Melbourne for the final leg of the tour. As has become usual on these early morning trips, everybody was quite subdued.

After a couple of hours, we arrived at Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne and were met by a number of members of the Melbourne Staff Band, who were there to help unload the truck and set up. The venue for the lunchtime concert was the Deakin's Edge Auditorium, situated in the shopping district of this busy city. Following an hour of much-needed shopping time for the members of the band, we gave a one hour concert to the receptive crowd gathered.

That was to be the only playing of the day, as we got on the coach to be taken to the famous MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) for a guided tour. This was a great experience, particularly for the cricket fans in the band. We were greeted by statues of Dennis Lillee and Shane Warne but other names familiar to the band were also to be seen within the ground with the 'Cordner' entrance, the 'Ponsford' stand and many photos of Dean Jones!

Some of the band were taken from the MCG by their billets, with the rest of us traveling to THQ to meet our hosts there. It was a relaxing evening for all, looking forward to the exciting weekend ahead.

Written by Staff Bandsman Paul Sharman