Brass Spectacular - DVD

Live recording from the Royal Albert Hall, London on Saturday 4 June 2011.

The International Staff Band together with the massed bands of: Amsterdam Staff Band, Canadian Staff Band, Chicago Staff Band, German Staff Band, Japan Staff Band, Melboure Staff Band and New York Staff Band. Also features the International Staff Songsters.

Available in PAL & NTSC formats.

Track Title Composer / Arranger
1 Opening Presentation  
2 Praise Him Stephen Bulla
3 Emblem of the Army Arthur Gullidge
4 Fanfare, Prelude and Fugue on 'Sine Nomine' Peter Graham
5 Nothing Do I Bring William Broughton
6 Welcome & Introductions  
7 King of Heaven Kenneth Downie
8 Jesus Loves Me
(The International Staff Songsters)
Ray Bowes
9 Pardon, Power and Praise
(The International Staff Songsters)
Kenneth Downie
10 Scottish Folk Variants
Derick Kane (Euphonium) with The ISB
Stephen Bulla
11 Dancebeat Paul Sharman
12 Congregational Song:
Stand Up and Bless the Lord
arr. William Himes
13 Pursuing Horizons Dudley Bright
14 So Glad! William Himes
15 My Simple Prayer Paul Lovatt-Cooper arr. Kenneth Downie
16 Scripture Reading & Comment Commissioner John Matear
17 In Quiet Pastures Ray Steadman-Allen
18 The Call of the Righteous Leslie Condon
19 St Clements Andrew Blyth
20 Celebration Leslie Condon